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A Platformer for Ants A Platformer for Ants

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Now that was a really nice and clever gimmick! It was definitely a very familiar platformer in terms of controls, but the whole camera reducing size as it went made it mush fresher and fun to play. The idea of the checkpoint flags being used as both checkpoints and as a way to reset your camera view was also really spot-on, and I loved the touch how they were always in extra challenging rooms to make you question if you wanted to risk getting to the flag or not.

Overall, I really liked it and the only thing that made me feel kind of sad was due to how short it was.

I’d love to see this idea further expanded and improved upon on (which, given from your comments above is something you already have in mind)! I can definitely see several ways that this mechanic could be used for all sorts of different puzzles and perspectives, and would really like to see it take off.

In behalf of our team, I must congratulate you for the really cleaver gimmick (and fellow Newgrounds feature too!). I will definitely look forward for the future version of this game if you decide to push it forward, which I think you definitely should!

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